B&J Catalano have a comprehensive understanding of the associated risks of tiredness and fatigue of employees within the transport and mining industries and aim to be at the forefront of this vital area.

The Company recognise that a more alert employee will lead to safer and a more engaged workforce. By recognising the characteristics of when an employee is more alert and productive, allows for corrective measures to be put in place in the aim to prevent the employee of getting to the stage of fatigued.

In early 2012, the Company initiated a partnership with Curtin University to learn about the research that had been gathered around driver fatigue. The comprehensive research assisted in the design and implementation of a proactive alertness and productivity program.

The Alertness and Productivity Program (APP) initially commenced with the trail of an innovative high-tech piece of headwear called “SmartCap”. The “Cap” is a baseball-style cap holding a sensor across the wearer’s forehead to monitor signs of fatigue and assess the level of alertness will driving/operating.

The cap tracks tiredness at an individual level, providing quantitative data transmitted to a display device. The information provides the individual with their own fatigue ratings, bringing attention to their fatigue levels.
Due to the success and capabilities of the Alertness and Productivity Program, it is now an ongoing tool in the proactive approach to sustaining a more alert and proactive workforce.