The Company

B&J Catalano aims to be a true “one-stop-shop”, offering a high quality standard of end-to-end earthmoving, bulk haulage, bulk earthworks and civil contracting solutions to our clients. Our focus is to optimise our people and resources by ensuring we provide a positive, safe and ethical working environment.

B&J Catalano Corporate Values

  • Best Value – We aim to offer the best value in everything we do. The concept of ‘best value’ encompasses all aspects of quality and value for money, including product quality, service delivery, ongoing support and cost.
  • Integrity – Our people demonstrate the utmost integrity in all of our dealings, be they with other employees, our customers, suppliers, or the community at large.
  • Safety – We understand that all injuries are preventable through a fundamental commitment to zero harm within the workplace.  Every individual working for the company:
    • Is offered a safe working environment; and
    • Is committed to achieving our goal of zero harm.

We pride ourselves on our reputation, image and corporate citizenship, modelling behaviour of which is socially and environmentally friendly.  We strive to perform our workplace activities in ways that minimise the impact on the environment and that are socially acceptable throughout the community.

B&J Catalano Employee Charter

B&J Catalano aims to promote and maintain positive working relationships and great employment practice as a necessary goal in achieving and exceeding the Company’s vision and expectations.

Our Employee Charter consists of:

  • Leadership – Inspiration and guidance to others
  • Learning & Innovation – Developing and seeking better solutions
  • Teamwork – Working together in the spirit of co-operation
  • Commitment & Pride – Strive for excellence and always doing our best
  • Honesty & Integrity – Acting ethically and fairly at all times
  • Respect – Welcoming and accepting of differences and commonalties
  • Understanding – Actively listing and responding appropriately
  • Zest – Embrace our work with enthusiasm, energy and positivity