Material Supply / Crushing Services

B&J Catalano has the capability of providing material supply and crushing services to the Company’s loyal and continual clients. The Company has numerous sand, gravel and limestone quarries located in various areas across the state.

B&J Catalano offers a range of materials across the full spectrum of sand, gravel, limestone and crushed hard rock products from a 10 cubic metre load up to significant tonnages for major construction projects. Catalano also operates a number of crushing and screening circuits and provides contract crushing and screening services.

Range of Products

B&J Catalano’s range of products includes:

Sand Products Gravel* Products Limestone Products
  • Fill Sand
  • Screened Sand
  • Brickies Sand
  • Cream Sand
  • Yellow Sand
  • Main Roads WA specification gravels for road construction
  • Gravel rock spalls & filter rock
  • Specialised gravels for rammed earth, block construction, decorative and driveways / paths
  • Main Roads WA specification limestone for road construction
  • Limestone rock spalls & filer rock
  • Specialised limestone for block construction

* Gravel sizes range from 7mm – 400mm rock

B & J Catalano Pty Ltd is the pre-eminent producer and supplier of laterite gravel for road construction to Local and State Government authorities in the Southwest and Perth.

The Company has three dedicated two stage crushing and screening plants, as well as associated personnel and equipment.

B&J Catalano produces almost two million tonnes per annum of laterite gravels – either from its own extensive network or for third parties, having supplied materials to a wide range of major projects through the state including:

  • Indian Ocean Road
  • Bunbury Port Access Road
  • Busselton Airport Extension
  • Great Northern Connect Stage 2 and 3