Brunswick Office: (08) 9726 8100
Hazelmere Office: (08) 9274 7676

Brunswick Office: (08) 9726 8100
Hazelmere Office: (08) 9274 7676

Sand, Gravel & Limestone

Sand, Gravel & Limestone

B&J Catalano produces and supplies a variety of sand, gravel and limestone products in different grades


Varieties include:

  • Yellow screened sand – finely controlled particle size distribution and zero organics.
  • Yellow washed sand – high grade washed sand with an average of less than 4% clay and fine silt and zero organic content.
  • Fill – clean ungraded sand with low organic content.


B&J Catalano produces and supplies a broad range of gravel products including:

  • Main Roads WA specification gravels for road construction.
  • Lime sand for fill.
  • Specialised gravels for rammed earth, block construction, decorative use, diveways/paths.

B&J Catalano commonly produces and supplies laterite and ferricrete gravel products (to Main Roads Western Australia specification 501), for major road construction projects across Western Australia.

We have the capability and capacity to supply processed laterite and ferricrete material for large construction projects.

Other specialist products available for road drainage and drainage armour include laterite filter stone.


Limestone products includes:

  • Main Road WA specification limestone for road construction
  • Lime sand for fill
  • Specialised limestone for block construction.

Supply volumes start from smaller loads of approximately ten cubic metre loads through to large-scale projects requiring hundreds of thousands of tonnes, either ex pit, or delivered.

For further information, please contact us at either of these locations:

Brunswick Office: (08) 9726 8100
Hazelmere Office: (08) 9274 7676