B&J Catalano genuinely care about the protection, safety and wellbeing of their employees.  The Company maintain a standard of providing a safe and positive working environment, with a zero tolerance attitude, to ensure employees feel secure in their employment.

B&J Catalano pride themselves on ongoing training and development of their employees.  The Company recognise that by enabling and enhancing employee growth, it will assist in the development of strong leadership groups, solid team dynamics, as well as creating committed and loyal employees.

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National Certificates of Competency

B&J Catalano work with local Recognised Training Organisations to provide employees with National Certificates of Competency.  Most recently the Company has included Certificates in; Work Health and Safety, Training & Assessment, as well as Diploma’s of Management to the scope of training.  Teamed with ongoing coaching and mentoring from professional training organisations, undertaking the qualifications has advanced our key leadership groups as well as emerging up and coming leaders.

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